Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well it has been almost a year since I've posted here...Sooooo much has been going on! I decided to take a break from CT work. My personal life got extremely crazy, as well as my CT commitments, so I decided to take some time for myself and focus on what I wanted. After much soul searching I decided to pursue my love of photography, and in October 2010 I opened my own business Peace Love Click Photography.

The past month or so I have been missing Digi Scrapping very much, and decided to get my feet wet again with a digi dare. Well one little spark lit th
e fire, and I am back to scrapping again. It has always been my best therapy, and I'm very much enjoying my therapy sessions again. I do miss the desi
gners that I worked with and became so close with, but the two that I was the closest with have retired, and are moving on to new endeavors in their lives and I am very happy for them. I have made a decision to again be a part of a Creative Team, but I will only be on one, and have yet to find the designer I want to work with, but I am looking around, and have a few in mind that I would very much like to CT for.

Also, I will be re-designing my is in desperate need of being updated. So stay tuned for some new things, but in the mean time here is the page I did for this weeks digi dare.

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