Friday, August 20, 2010

Randomness & Digi Dare Info

Well I haven't posted in over a month...I've been crazy busy. I went on vacation with my girls to Myrtle Beach to have a family reunion vaca with my Nana, Mom, & sister. We had an awesome time relaxing on the beach, and I have TONS of pictures to edit & scrap...PLUS 2 days after we got home my hubby finally came home from Alaska!!!!!! It's been unbelievable having him home again, and the girls are just happy as can be.

I haven't had much time to get on the computer with everything thats been going on, and I haven't scrapped too much, but I did do this page for Digi Dares # 192 and I got the random pick for the challenge, plus my page was mentioned in the DST Gallery Standouts on the 18th!!!

Once the kids go back to school next week I'll have some time to put up some more pages I've done plus get some of my pictures scrapped!

Thanks for looking & have a great weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I love Digi Dares!

I'm so in love with doing the weekly dare at The Digi Dares! Each dare stretches my creativity, and pushes me to go beyond my regular scrapping. This weeks dare was to do a page about something from your childhood that you wanted but never got and of course there are elements to the page that you have to do on your layout. Here is the page I did for dare # 185, and I have to say I really LOVE how it came out! This is NOT my normal style, but I just might be doing more like this!!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm on a roll!

At this rate I might actually get caught up by the end of the week! YIPPIE!!!

Here is another LO with a Pixel Perfect Designs kit. This one is Surfer Dude! Super cute, and I just happen to have a surfer dude in my little bro! He has Mad Skills on the surf board, so here is a little tribute to him! Walter...YOU ROCK!

Still playing catch up!

Well I finally got to do some of my back work for Pixel Perfect Designs! This page is from her kit Beach Babe, and is a totally adorable beach kit for a little girl! You can find this kit over at Polka Dot Plum.

I also did another page with a kit that is coming out on July 7th. I can't show you the page I did yet, but here is a sneak peak at the kit....super cute & great for Disney fans!!!

I'll be back with more later today...I have to go get ready to see ECLIPSE!!!! (yes I am a Twi Fan!!!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm now caught up on my work for Fishbowl Designs

Thank goodness I work with some great designers who understand I have a crazy life. Here is my page with this beautiful Mothers Day Kit called A Special Lady by Fishbowl Designs. It is a beautiful kit! Now I'm off to work on my other CT projects.

Maybe one day I'll get caught up enough to work with those awesome Mega Kits I just got!

Friday, June 25, 2010

OK...I need a break from life to get caught up on scrappin!

I was all set to get back into the scrappin house was ALMOST all unpacked, and the kids had their last day of school when just as the kids were about to leave their last days of Kindergarten & 1st grade I got a call that my mother had a heart attack. The very next day I flew all over the country (seriously...I went from Austin TX to Atlanta GA, then to Laguardia Airport NY, then Charlotte NC and finally Myrtle Beach SC. It was the only way I could get there with less than a days notice) so that I could be there for her. She had to have tripple bypass surgery, and is recovering well now, thank you Lord!

I got back last Wednesday and had alot of cleaning to do, and I've just now gotten back to the computer to get my scrap fix, plus try to get caught up on my CT work. So here they are, a few pages I've done with some kits from Fishbowl Designs, plus one that somehow I forgot to post when the kit came out.

This first one is with her newest kit called Just Purples. I'm really loving doing pages with different shades of the same color. Now I cheated a little with this layout (I'm super tired) so I decided to used one of her Templates from her Fishfood Backgrounds.

This next one is of my mom's dog/baby Tucker. I took my mom & Tucky down to the beach only a week after her surgery to take some pictures of them together. This pup is just too funny, and was so much fun to take pictures of! I used Doodle Bug for this layout. This is just full of adorable little bugs and just SCREAMS summer picnic! Super cute kit!!! For the title I used her Fishin For Letters alpha chain kit. I really liked using these to make the title!

This last page is the one I forgot to post...oops! I used this beautiful kit & mini add on called Eco Earth that was created for Earth Day. I just ADORE this kit! The earthy colors & elements are just so beautiful!

One last thing before I go, cause I love a great sale, and I've just got to pass this along because I've been coveting some of these kits for a while, and well Sunshine Studio Scraps bundled 15 of their mega kits together for only $15! (these usually go for $6.00 each) I have no idea how long this sale will be going for this, so go grab it up while your getting the awesome Fishbowl Designs kits!

**all kit pictures are linked to store...hope you like working with them as much as I did!

I'll be posting again before the weekend is over, I still have more CT work to do this weekend!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm alive...really I am :)

For those who don't know I had to make a very quick move. Long story short my landlord called me on April 30th and told me the house was being foreclosed on and I had to be out by May 15th! (yes...I was paying my rent, but apparently she wasn't paying her mortgage with my rent money!)

It all turned out to be okay, I found a beautiful 4 bed/3 bath house in the next town over with 1.3 acres for the kids to play on, and we got moved in on the 15th. For the past few weeks I've been packing & unpacking in the new place and just this week found my computer...YAY! After an extremely stressful month I'm really looking forward to having some scrap therapy which is desperately needed right now! Last night I did a page for my ct for My 4 Princesses Designs with an adorable kit called Here Comes The Sun which can be found at Enchanted Studio Scraps. (or just click on the kit title)

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to work with some other kits from my ct's that I'm long over due on...thankfully the designers were understanding of what was going on! (I <3 you guys!!!!) Maybe I'll even get to scrap some of the pics of the new house!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Digi Dare Time

I heard about this blog The Digi Dares where each week someone gives out a dare for others to scrap. I was a little nervous about participating, not thinking I could come up with anything that would even remotely compare with the amazing scrappers that participate in this challenge, but last night as I was laying in bed my idea came to me for my layout, and first thing this morning I started working on it. I am soooooo happy with how it came out!

I used a kit that is no longer available called My Big Adventure. It was a collaboration kit done to raise money for Autism Speaks. Not only is it an awesome kit, but for a cause close to my heart.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Blog Background & Header Freebie

Want to get this adorable blog background & header? Click on over to Blog Bling! :) Graphics for this blog background & header are by Fishbowl Designs & the design was done by yours truly!

ok...I'm a little behind here

I tell ya, the day I get organized is the day I'm gonna take over the world, cause if I can manage everything I do in the chaotic state that is my life, I'd be pretty darn dangerous if it was all organized! But we all know that will probably NEVER happen! are a few pages that I did last week before my head attempted to explode, and in the midst of trying to get everything back on track it slipped my mind to post these up here.

This first one was with a darling kit called Makenzye's Garden by Pixel Perfect Designs. I did a Guest CT for her for this kit, and I absolutley LOVED LOVED LOVED working with it! So many adorable elements, and the paper was beautiful! You can go grab this kit over at Digital Scrap Ink or just click here.

This one was with Just Pinks by Fishbowl Designs. If you follow my blog you will know that I did a previous page with Just Greens last week...notice a theme going on here? Well your right...she is doing a series of kits focused on all different colors. Well, I love pink, so when this one came up I decided to do a LO about me, not something I usually do, but heck why not! So the CT for Fishbowl Designs has decided that when everyone's favorite color comes up they are going to do a page about themselves. I can't wait to see what Anne (the designer for Fishbowl Designs) does when the Just Purples comes out! So thats it for now...I have alot more pages to do since I didn't get much done last week and I'm falling a little behind.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LOTD during a migraine

This has been a rough week for me. Whenever I get one of my wonderful migraines it just knocks me out for a while, and this week was no different. I get real lethargic & cranky before it happens, and then whammo it hits and I'm usless. Luckily this one didn't last for days, but it still takes it's toll on me.

While I was away from the digi scrappin world I received the Layout of the Day at Enchanted Studio Scraps for my Spring has Sprung layout (the one in the post below this one)! I am so excited, but the credit has to go to the awesome designer for making such an awesome kit! I used My 4 Princesses Designs kit called KT's Flower Garden.

Isn't it adorable?!?!? I linked the kit for you, so go check it out!

I'll be working on some more pages this weekend (if the kids let me) PLUS I'm working on a new project (not scrapbook related) that I'll be showcasing on my Reno Creations Blog sometime in the next week or so, so watch out for that!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A new CT with ADORABLE kits!

I was accepted to be a part of My 4 Princesses Designs, and I couldn't be happier! She has the most adorable kits! She designs exclusively for Enchanted Studio Scraps, and you can check out her kits Here. This is the first page with her newest kit called KT's Flower all know how I love things that sparkle...and this kit is filled with GLITTER!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Super cute butterflies & ladybugs + glitter= a happy scrapper over here! I had a blast making this page, and I can't wait to work with more of her kits!

BTW...thank you for the comments on the Soccer Kit! Your feedback really makes me want to make another one. I just have to get some house cleaning done first before I can start a new kit ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soccer Chick Mini Kit Freebie

So yesterday when I was looking for soccer stuff I noticed that everything was geared towards the boys. I have 2 girls, so this just didn't work for me! So this morning I decided I HAD to make a kit geared towards the girls...and here you have it "Soccer Chick"! This mini kit includes 16 Elements, 4 Papers, 1 Frame & 1 Mask. I hope you enjoy it, I had a blast making it! I might make an add on to this, but as of right now I'm giving this one out to you, and maybe within a week or so I'll do the add on.

Click the preview to download the kit.

Here is a page that I made with the kit along with my own little Soccer inspiration for this kit, and thank you Anne for helping me along the way! :)

Soccer Frame Freebie

Yesterday I was looking for some cute soccer stuff to scrap some of Skylar's soccer pics with, and me being el' cheepo that I am rather than buying something I decided to make some stuff. This is the first thing I made, so I decided to share it with all of you. Hopefully I will put together a mini kit in this next week, but in the meantime enjoy the frame! :)

Click on preview to download

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Day Of Soccer

Well today is Skylar's last soccer game, and this afternoon she has her team party. She is very sad that the season has come to an end, but she now has a new love for the game, and is looking forward to the next season. To remember her first season of soccer I made these pages for her!

This first one was made with 3 Dog Design's kit called Punked. It is an adorable Punk/Rock Stary/Skater kinda kit. It is now available at My Life & Scrap and it is 25% off until April 16th!

The second one I made for her was with a template from Fisbowl Designs and I used the mega collab kit from Sunshine Studios called Twilight. The kit is filled with night time themed papers and elements, and the template is included in the collab kit. It is on sale for only $ grab it up now because I'm not sure how much longer the sale will go on, after that it goes up to $6!!! I love the collab kits from there, and I hate that I've missed some of the sales they have had on these awesome kits.

And of course I had to do a page with my other munchkin! This one is one of the Easter pages for this year, and I have MANY more to do. I used a great kit by Fishbowl Designs called Just Greens and it is the perfect go to kit for anything green(plus it is on sale too! I will be using this one for some upcoming bluebonnet pics, so stay tuned for those.

I haven't forgotten about the promised quick pages from my last post. I've been uber busy and haven't had the chance to complete them yet...I want them to be "just perfect" for you all. So bear with me, and I will get those to you soon! Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daffodil Dreams

is now available at Sunshine Studio Scraps! I've been dying to show these pages off all week, and now I finally can!!! This kit is adorable, it just screams SPRING! Fishbowl Designs by Anne Quade did the most beautiful job with this kit, PLUS she created a coordinating bundle of glitter, plastic, and glass styles to go with it!!!! I will be creating a quick page for with this kit, so come back later today and grab it up!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Freebie QPs and some super cute mini kits!

I'm so excited the Love Songs mini kits are now available! I posted a while back with some layouts I did with them, and the one above is one more with these adorable mini kits by 3 Dog Designs. There are 4 minis...This Love, Endless Love, L is for..., and Tainted Love. You can get them all at My Life & Scrap

Here are two Quick Pages I created for you with these kits. Just click on the preview to download. I hope you enjoy the kits & the Quick Pages!

Watch my blog this weekend for more new layouts and quick pages!!!